Connecting Student Experiences to Career Success and State Standards

Live It’s customizable platform helps school districts support student skill development and accurately meet state standards.

Our Mission

Students graduating today are entering the most dynamic and challenging environment in history. The skills required for success are developed both inside and outside of the classroom. As educators, you need a way to support and capture the development of College and Career Readiness skills. We share your passion for preparing students for life success; this is why we created Live It.

How It Works

We work with school districts to identify objectives for meeting state standards and seamlessly integrate Live It with your K12 College and Career Readiness curriculum. Students access the easy-to-use, customizable Live It platform to create, store and share their artifacts. Our administrator dashboard allows key personnel to track student progress and provide alerts and data feedback to support better student outcomes.

"Live It will make evidence collection storing and monitoring easy and effective. We will continue to celebrate our relationship with Live It..."
- Sherri Connell, Assistant Superintendent, Penns Valley Area School District

Live It K12 was created to help you accurately, easily and seamlessly meet important state College and Career Readiness standards. Please reach out, we'd love to show you more.